Sep. 3rd, 2010

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Putting this up for anyone who wants it:

Somebody came up with a way to get rid of the little FB/Twitter repost checkboxes in comment boxes on your journal.

See here for a better worded explaination. Also, click on the link in that journal post for a more detailed explaination of what the fix does.

Honestly, I just saw the link, got curious, and wanted to see if/how it works and tried it out. :D It does what it says it does. Basically, when you comment on my journal, and when I comment on other journals using the "?style=mine" thing, you/I won't see the repost checkboxes when you/I make your/my comments.

Personally, the repost thing doesn't concern me that much. No one I know in RL has my LJ/dA/Twitter names. The email I use for those sites are different from my main email account. I don't know if my real name's anywhere. First name, maybe, but that's a fairly common one. So, really, someone's gonna have to dig to find me. I have it disabled, anyway, and I trust you guys not to repost comments on locked posts. (Accidents do happen, but still. I know you can delete tweets. I don't know about FB postings, though.) But, I do know that some people are concerned about this, and it is a problem for them. I don't know how many are on my f-list, though. So, here this is for those who are.

Now I've said my part. Back to drawing.
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Is Over. I guess...X-Posting for locked and private entries is disabled. I have the X-Posting thing disabled, anyway.

And I don't really use this for updating RL stuff anymore, so, yeah.

Also: New default icon. Wish I put it up back when Season 5 ended. XD
Just thought you should know.


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