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I have had the most strangest and most brilliant idea ever. I doubt it'll happen, but it's cracky enough for comics.

It’s a way to basically return James Jesse to the living and still kill off a Trickster.

It involves Axel Walker and a basic element from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

In Dead Man’s Chest, Captain Jack made a deal with and sold his soul to Davy Jones for the Black Pearl.
From Wikipedia:
"Thirteen years before, Jones raised the Black Pearl from the ocean depths and made Jack its captain. In exchange, Jack must now serve aboard the Flying Dutchman for 100 years."

You see, Captain Jack was actually only captain of the Black Pearl for three years. His crew mutinied and Barbossa was made captain. But, for the remaining ten years, Captain Jack still reffered to himself as “Captain Jack” even though, techincally, he wasn’t.

So, I was thinking, despite James’ threats to Axel, Axel could’ve done the same thing. Axel might not be the Trickster anymore, but he could have still used the name and truly believed that he was. Like Captain Jack.

Get it?

And if you look at Wiki, there’s this:
"Axel's only appearance since then was in Helmet of Fate: Detective Chimp, where he answered an ad from four college students asking for an experienced superhero to train them. Once he arrived to the location in the ad, he had dinner with them and then killed all four of them. His crime was discovered when Detective Chimp found the Helmet of Fate, put it on, and used it to help deduce who the murderer was. Axel was then arrested."

Axel is obviously still running around in the DCU, fairly active.

Also, this. There will be a Rogues mini. Axel's going by "Trickster." So there.

And it would be relatively easy.

James sweet-talks Neron. Convinces Neron that he isn’t the only Trickster and that Axel’s soul is more corrupt than his. (I believe that James takes his namesake seriously. He doesn’t really seem to be on a set side - of hero or villain. And, as I define it, a trickster is someone who is neither good nor evil, neither man nor god. If you get my drift.) Then, if James manages to convince Neron, Axel gets put in James’ place and James lives. Everyone is happy.

And then James and Piper have hot gay sex and live happily ever after…Kidding…Sorta.

ETA: Y'know? If I get any inspiration, I might write this.
ETA2: Guess what? I did.
ETA3: More evidence for Axel calling himself Trickster added.
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Y'know? I was going to post something, but I forgot. Seriously. And? I tend to say/write 'seriously' a lot. I don't know why. So I didn't get to see The Golden Compass Saturday. It snowed quite a bit and I din't want to drive in the snow. So, I'll most likely be seeing it this weekend.

At any rate, I'm thinking of posting my Piper doodle and my YMCA Trickster over at [livejournal.com profile] piper_trickster before Wednasday. How does that sound?

And look! A new layout! Don't ask.

And, just because:

Now, I've gotta go study for my final tomorrow morning.
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The Golden Compass come to theatres friday and I will be seeing it Saturday. His Dark Materials has got to be on of my favorite book series. I am hoping the movie will be good. And doesn't get any of the crap that Harry Potter and Narnia got.

On another note:
Here's something I would love to see at some point in DC )
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So A while ago I told [livejournal.com profile] runenklinge that I’d write a post on my theories of Trickster’s behavior in Countdown. But, I really don’t feel like going throught the whole conspiracy and summarize it in three words:

Plot-Induced Stupidity

Happens all the time. Just look at Superman when a baddie gets the upper hand when said baddie shouldn’t. Just look at the Green Lanterns back when they that that yellow-impurity.

I’m tired right now. Finals are coming up fast and I have a lot of work to do. And I’m feeling really cynical about everything right now. If DC isn’t going to care, why should I?

Come Christmas time, I’ll feel better. I’ve got a Christmas-themed drawing planned for Trickster and Piper. I was thinking of having Tricks wearing one of those hats with the mistletoe attached to it, looking over at Piper suggestively. Piper will have a look of utter horror, or general WTF-look. Both will be un-handcuffed and in normal clothes. I know what Piper’s wearing, but I have no idea what Tricks should wear. Any ideas?


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