Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

Jul. 21st, 2017 01:41 pm
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Late again! Woe!

--What is your most recent POV character’s greatest fear?

Still on Sami Zayn, and that's not too hard--it's a fear of not living up to his own high expectations of himself, not being as good and kind and brave as he wants to be. (There's a reason Superman and Sami Zayn are two of my favorites--they're not goody-goody, but they are both very GOOD).

I got a fair amount of writing done and am feeling good this week! Mostly unrepentant smut, muahaha. How about you?

Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

Jul. 14th, 2017 09:00 am
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Oh geez, I happened to be in flight the last two weeks and just... failed. But I'm back and with a character question!

--What is your most recent POV character’s deepest regret?

Wrestler and sentient sunbeam Sami Zayn again! And ugh, that's a hard one. He'd never regret meeting and becoming friends with Kevin, or trusting him, despite all the pain that happened. And he doesn't truly believe he did anything regrettable that caused Kevin to turn on him, so it's not related to that trauma. And I don't want to go with something simple like "He regrets throwing his arms in the air at just the wrong moment and destroying his shoulder," because that shoulder was a ticking time bomb anyway.

In the universes where he actually was El Generico, mysterious masked wrestler, I think about 25% of the time he regrets ever putting the mask on at all and wishes he'd made his name unmasked. About 25% of the time I think he regrets putting the mask aside to wrestle as himself. And about half the time he still doesn't regret either choice. He's not really a guy for regrets, on the whole, I guess.

How about your most current character? And I hope your writing is going well! I'm signed up for a couple of exchanges but am wayyyy behind on the canon I need to consume... and I only have two weeks left, so that's causing me some stress. None of which is stopping me from forging ahead on the self-indulgent smut I'm loving writing, of course...


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