Apr. 13th, 2010 09:47 pm
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I had to create a new galley for these four doodles. I couldn't decide which galleries to put them in.

Let's see, I've got a Doctor Who/DC Comics xover and a Doctor Who/Good Omens/DC Comics xover. 4 pics

Now, some backstory. I thought of this way back during the early-ish issues of Bosster Gold's new series. I don't remember the exact issue and I don't really want to look it up. (ALso, I don't have the comic on hand.)
Anyway, this is sort of a response to Rip Hunter's "solidified time". I don't know what made me think of that again, but the idea of the Doctor popping up to school Rip on time wouldn't leave. I couldn't decide on the First Doctor or the Tenth, so I did both.

First Doctor visits Rip:

(It's been a while since I watched First Doctor eps.) Also, he apparently stole Eleven's bow tie.


*insert speculation here of the reactions of Doctors 2 thru 9* (Eleven unavailable due to season 5 not airing until this Saturday. Been too busy to these past couple of weeks. I can wait a few more days.)
And the Doctors didn't all show up on the same day, Rip just wears the same clothes every day.

This has a bit more story to it.
This, actually, was two separate ideas that I merged into one. One was the 11th Doctor meeting Aziraphale, an Angel, for no other reason then that they both wear tweed. The other was James Jesse, either dead or alive, getting drunk with Crowley, a Demon. Piper's in there somewhere. Basic info on Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, if you haven't read it.

The Doctor and Aziraphale chatting. Probably about all the great writers they met. The Doctor's probably talking about that one time he met Shakespeare.
First time drawing someone from behind. Eh.

I have no idea what James is so enthusiastic about. Probably telling the story of what happened to his hair. (I don't know why I drew it so short and spiky.) Something probably exploded. His cape is probably somewhere in the non-existent background.
That rather small rat is drinking...whatever James and Crowley are. And that's when Piper got up and left to join the sane people in the pic above this. Piper is wearing the cape because James made him, he's probably wearing normal clothes. (Also, I got lazy.)

There's a story here somewhere.

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